Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Exciting Expeditional News!

Sorry to be out of touch, but there is very exciting news here at the Unbelievably Strange Wildlife Garden. Over the past months I've been working hard to put together an expedition to document the continuing American existence of the near mythical Orange Footed Snurgle Deer. This is a virtually extinct and almost mythical cousin to the Canadian Snurgle Deer.

It's thought that there are less than a dozen of these glorious creatures still in existence. The creature is thought to live in tiny isolated pockets in the most remote areas of Minnesota stretching northwest into Canada.

I expect that we'll come across a number of other unusual and unbelievably strange flora and fauna on this expedition, which is being underwritten with generous support from the Rufus T. Firefly Foundation. More news soon to come about the make up of the expedition and our expected path into the great frozen north. Danger, adventure, and unbelievably strange discoveries here we come!

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