Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Freedonia Photos

As you'll remember, last October I took a trip to Europe and visited a number of amazing countries, most notably the kingdom of Freedonia, a tiny nation nestled between Moldova and the Ukraine. Originally this tiny country was a part of Moldova, which itself was part of Roumania. In 1990, Freedonia declared its independence from Moldova, calling itself Transnistria. In 2009, Transnistria changed its name to the Sovereign Kingdom of Freedonia and reinstalled the region's ancient monarchy. Annabelle Cumans, a waitress in Tiraspol, was elevated to Queen after she was determined to be the last surviving descendant of the royal bloodline. The country is primarily rural, but scientific investment from the former Soviet Union resulted in some amazing discoveries in the realm of animal husbandry and farming. I finally had the rest of my photos from Freedonia developed (digital cameras are banned, it turned out, and the only cameras available were black and white).

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