Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Freedonia Photo #2

This magical shrine dedicated to the four holy Freedonian Pig Gods is made entirely of lard. The perspective here is misleading; the pigs are actually two stories high and the orb is about the size of the main New York Public Library building on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Just one of the amazing sights I saw on my visit.


Daniel Wolf said...
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Daniel Wolf said...

I was delighted to find this documentary footage from the shortlived Republic of Freedonia:


Hail, hail, Freedonia!

Stanton Wood said...

That's not a documentary, silly! That's DUCK SOUP, which was set in the short-lived REPUBLIC of Freedonia that existed for a few years between the wars. It's amazing though - DUCK SOUP was shot on location, and the country has changed little since the film was shot. For instance, that peanut seller is still outside the palace with the same monkey.