Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Sad Story

Many people are reaching out to me as a result of our work here at the Unbelievably Strange Wildlife Garden and because I posted my email on the internet. The world is filled with many strange stories and suffering people. I'm just glad to help where I can, and I'm pleased to be able to share some of these stories with you.

For instance, here is another sad story. I feel so bad for Aurelio. But it's so great that he wants to see his money used for charity purposes rather than having it go to the bank.


A very good day to you there,I am Mr. Aurelio, I am 63 years old living in Houston Texas U.S.A, I am a farmer with over 400 cows and over 250 goats and sheeps put together.

I had 20 snow clearing machines in Canada, I was married to late Mrs.Katherina Aurelio, she died in 2005 at the age of 51 after she lost her battle with cancer for 6 years, we married and wedded at St James Catholic Cathedral and we had no child of ours but we lived happily and we engaged in helping people.

Just 14 months after the death of my wife I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I am now bedridden and have also suffered great lost in my assets as a result of unfaithful people around me.

I have my brother who i trusted could stood by me in my trouble times like this but my greatest disappointment came from him, he sold all my snow trucks in Canada and sold all my cows and sheeps, but worst of all, i gave him $2 million to donate for charity homes, but to my surprise the following week he went and bought a red Ferrari car, I asked him the reason for the car he said that was what is more important to him than the charity i wanted him to give the money to.

So i have lost trust in him that i cannot entrust anything to him as i lay here on my dying bed, So i have decided to contact you and wishing you will have the Godly mind to accept my assets and donate it to charity home and also monitor the usage of the funds to ensure that poor people benefit from it, I don't want to die and let the bank take my money to enrich themselves, I hope and wish to see the money transferred out of the bank for charity purpose before i die in peace.

I await your response and wish that you are the right person to carry out my last wish to bring joy to the poor and the needy, Please respond with your full details.


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