Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gurgles the Winner of Popularity Poll

Well, Gurgles is the winner of this month's Unbelievably Strange Popularity Poll, and it's no surprise to those of us who know and love him. Now if we could just find him.

To the left is C. Taylor Bonnell's loving artist's sketch of a eye witness Gurgles sighting on the F train at Smith and Ninth Streets. If you were at that subway station from 9-11pm on Sunday the 14th of September, and you saw Gurgles, please drop us a line in the comments field below.

We're very concerned. As you can see, our little beloved Leaf Sneezer is already a little the worse for the wear, no doubt the result of a fight with his biological enemy - the rat.

1 comment:

tprince said...

It wasn't a rat... not sure what it was- I saw the gurgles fighting it with all his might Saturday night... they were at it beneath the grates... There was a group of us, looking down. Didn't know what he was til I seen the sign. Glad I did- coz I thought I was trippin, green little guy with red spots- whats that. I think Gurgles won. Glad to see he still walking around. Go gurgles. Hope you people find your pet