Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gurgles is Missing!

Gurgles, our pet Abyssinian Leaf Sneezer, is missing! He escaped from his roof-top steam hut in Brooklyn a little more than a week ago, and we're desperately looking for him. If you see him, contact us here at The Unbelievably Strange Wildlife Garden aka treesquid. Gurgles is taking medicine to prevent psychotic episodes so do be careful if you see him. He's not dangerous, but may injure himself if he smells Lavender perfume.

If you do find him, he's easy to capture:

1.) Softly hum the theme from the television show Rawhide; this will lull him into a hypnotic state.
2.) Offer him your wrist, slowly and carefully.
3.) He will instinctively latch onto it with his suction cup paws.
4.) You can then carry him home. As soon as you stop humming the theme from Rawhide he will let go of your wrist and you can drop him into a animal friendly confinement space.
5.) If you need to feed him, you can give him any kind of fruit skin or insect.

Gurgles was a gift from my ex-girlfriend when I was living in Brazil (Leaf Sneezers are native to that country). I know the Rawhide thing is weird, but as infants, Abyssinian Leaf Sneezers bond with a sound. Usually this is the mother's distinctive song breath, but the mother of my Leaf Sneezer died in child birth on the streets of Sao Paulo. When he was brought to my apartment in Liberdade, he ended up bonding with South American reruns of Rawhide. If I'd known, I would have chosen Bossa Nova.

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this is a great add
i saw this on prospect park west, i went to the website and i've been coming here regularly since