Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gurgles Battling it Out!

Reader tprince saw Gurgles battling it out with a strange creature on Saturday night, which is probably the source of his beat up appearance. (Check out the illustration above for visual reference.) Hear's part of his eyewitness description (thanks tprince):

"....they were at it beneath the grates... There was a group of us, looking down. Didn't know what he was til I seen the sign. Glad I did- coz I thought I was trippin, green little guy with red spots- whats that. I think Gurgles won. Glad to see he still walking around. Go gurgles. Hope you people find your pet."

Not sure what this almost rat was, although it could have been a Blood Sucking Sewer Swine - very rare, but they do live under the grates in sewer and subway systems all over the world. But that's a later post, when I can describe the creature in more detail. In the meantime, do send us your Gurgles sightings as we try to track his progress across the city and find him.

And coming soon: Descriptions of the Centurion Pigeon-Toed Bat Fish and the amazing Nova Scotia Rabbit Snake! Plus I have some pictures of my trip to Freedonia.

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Steve Lewis said...

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, Gurgles has been surgically implanted into...